Installation of the Bus Party Exhibition at Lochgelly

A very happy day was spent today installing the Bus Party exhibition at the Lochgelly Centre.  The archive are particularly pleased to be exhibiting at the Centre as it is such a hub for the local community boasting a cafe, theatre, art studios and the local library.


The exhibition is on display in the lobby of the Centre and also on way down to the Theatre.  We took advantage of the Centre’s hanging system to hang our framed images and several banners from the Scroll of Thoughts including, of course, the banner completed in Lochgelly on 28th May 2014.

These banners are not the original scroll, which is safely stored away in tissue paper in the archive, but robust vinyl copies.  These copies will hopefully survive the rigours of being on display in various open venues and will allow visitors to see what hopes people had for the future of Scotland in 2014.

The Lochgelly exhibition is part of a larger tour bringing the exhibition back to the communities who participated in the 2014 Bus Party and helped to create the archive collection which is held at the University.