Invitation to attend Democracy Max Event at the University of Stirling

Monday 18th March, 2013


Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling


Should we all have a day off a week paid for by the government to use the internet and comment on current affairs?

ERS Scotland and the University of Stirling invite you to discuss this and other issues relating to the role of the media, lobbyists, corporations and information sharing in our democracy.

“Defending our Democracy: How do we stop vested interests having too much influence?”

As part of our Democracy Max inquiry, ERS Scotland has asked the people of Scotland for their ideasat a day long deliberative discussion: The People’s Gathering. Then, each chapter of the findings of the People’s Gathering is being discussed by a roundtable of academics, commentators, campaigners and community activists.

We’re at the end of stage two of the process and we want to hear your thoughts and ideas at an interactive conversation and discussion event.

Some of the questions asked during the Defending our Democracy phase of the inquiry include:

The internet: good or bad? Does un-filtered information mean we are better informed or ill-informed? Is the internet just another tool of inequality? Or does the internet provide for equal peer-to-peer sharing of information and opinions in a way that is empowering and improves our democracy?

What is journalism in the 21st century? Do we need a state regulator to monitor press standards? Will any of this matter in a few years’ time given the decline of print media?

What is the the role of freedom of information in a democracy? Who are the interest groups and lobbyists that influence how and when we have access to the information needed to make informed decisions and to influence policy-making?

On Monday 18th March, ERS Scotland and Rob Edwards, the chair of the Defending our Democracy roundtable, will present our dicussions so far and invite attendees to deliberate with us and each other as to the importance and impact of the findings and to think about what, if any, of the interventions we might propose as an improvement to Scotand’s democracy.

To sign up to attend please visit this website