We are delighted to announce the launch of a new crowdfunding project The Scottish Parliament: A Graphic History.
The funds raised during this crowdfunding campaign will go towards the production of the graphic history of the Scottish Parliament, and its distribution to all secondary schools and public libraries in Scotland.   Our funding goal represents the minimum needed to ensure that our ambitious artistic vision for the book is realised, and that every high school and public library in the country receives at least one copy.

This graphic history will set out in plain and accessible language and through rich and vivid artwork, how the Scottish Parliament really works. This means retelling the story of how we got the Parliament in the first place, and some of the ideas about democracy that lay behind its design and processes. It also means exploring, in an evidenced-based and balanced manner, what has worked well for making and implementing policy in the devolved Scotland, and what unexpected consequences have arisen over time.

To learn more about the project or to donate to the campaign please go to our crowdfunding page